Geneva 2022

8mR WorldCup 2022

This summer we had the Eight Metre World Cup at the Societe Nautique de Geneve as part of theyr 150th anniversary celebration.


On Saturday and Sunday 4 tune up races where held in good wind conditions and this was the first time some of the “new” eights where out and about and we all could measure up to each other. Winners of the Tune up races were:

On Monday the 8mR World Cup 2022 finally started for real

The results after a very intense week of racing with strong competition and amazing wind conditions and a superb organisation of the regatta

World Cup

  1. Yqueme II
  2. Starling Burgess
  3. Pandora


  1. Starling Burgess
  2. Pandora
  3. Luna


  1. Bona
  2. Vision
  3. Carron II

First Rule Cup

  1. Edit
  2. Taifun

Copa D’italia

Generations Cup

2022 Geneva World Cup overall results

Boat nameSail #RankNet ResultsResultsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Remarks
Yquem IISUI 218201111111121
Starling BurgessGER 1622128373432312
PandoraK 35334442266481033
LunaFIN 17439646525279244R3 DSQ
BonaITA 1654352595525696
Carron IISUI 366584982815129219
VisionKC 3766787114121177109
FroyaZ 986893461498418255R8 BFD
FalconK 209749912316256351712R4 OCS
SiraNOR 33107910425481314151357R1 OCS
Germania IIIGER 91180105112518313118610R2 DSQ
Catina VISUI 112881041412101151316716
Sposa IIGER 5138910410101515101012148
IfNOR 271497116813919121841914
ElsinoreHGK 815108131181671892321811
BeraAUT 121611113115142071814151117
Anne SophieGER 151712214716151116206202518R8 BFD
GlanaSUI 418123143191812141716111620
HelenK 3319123148131713171617172513R8 DSQ
SphinxFIN 420126145171917101919141515
Jacques EdouardSUI 1021154178202019202224191321
ApachesH 2522168193222122212121251822R7 DNS
EditH 323172197212221222320232025R9 DNC
TaifunH 1424180204232323232422222123
Societe Nautique de Geneve , Geneve, Switzerland
2022 Geneva World Cup overall results

2022 Geneva World Cup Sira results

Boat nameSail #RankResultNet ResultRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Remarks
Starling BurgessGER 1612014262321211
PandoraK 3523627115537932
LunaFIN 17354325422168143R3 DSQ
BonaITA 1644435484414595
Carron IISUI 357658871714118218
VisionKC 3670596103111066108
FroyaZ 978260351387317224R8 BFD
FalconK 208886611215225241611R4 OCS
SiraNOR 339947222371213141256R1 OCS
Germania IIIGER 910957310221721210769R2 DSQ
Catina VISUI 1119681131191041215715
Sposa IIGER 51295819914149911137
IfNOR 271310789712818111731813
ElsinoreHKG 814121101171561782020810
BeraAUT 121512310414131961713141116
Anne SophieGER 151613611415141015195192217R8 BFD
GlanaSUI 417134115181711131615101519
HelenK 3318138116121612161616162212R8 DSQ
SphinxFIN 41913611816181691818131414
Jaques EdouardSUI 1020167146191918192121181220
ApachesH 2521179157202020202019221721R7 DNS
Societe Nautique de Geneve , Geneve, Switzerland
2022 Geneva World Cup Sira results

2022 Geneva World Cup Neptune results

Boat nameSail #RankResultNet ResultRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Remarks
Bona  ITA 1612015133212251
Vision  KC 333428242654362
Carron II  SUI 3239293214765110
Falcon  K 20447345191331195R4 OCS
Germania III  GER 96483541310165423R2 DSQ
Catina VI  SUI 154941755527837
Elsinore  HGK 8967551084104121144
Bera  AUT 128685786113108778
Anne Sophie  GER 1577663976811310139R8 BFD
Helen  K 3310786569898109136R8 DSQ
Glana  SUI 4117867111077996811
Apache  sH251210491121112111211131012R7 DNS
Société Nautique de Genève , Genève, Switzerland
2022 Geneva World Cup Neptune results

2022 Geneva World Cup First Rule results

YearBoat nameSail #RankResultNet ResultRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Remarks
2022EditH 31129111111213R9 DNC
2022TaifunH 1421614222222121
Societe Nautique de Geneve , Geneve, Switzerland
2022 Geneva World Cup First Rule results

8mR Worldcup Geneva 2022 Tune up

Boat nameSail #RankResultRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Remarks
Yquem IISUI2161131
Starling BurgessGER162132353
Germania IIIGER94237826
Carron IISUI352551244
Sposa IIGER573141197
BonaITA1693725615R1 BFD
Catina VISUI111519131613
Anne SophieGER15145612161414
PandoraK3515632521125R1 BFD, R4 DNF
SiraNOR331665825725R2 R4 DNC
Jacques EduardSUI10177115192071
BeraAUT 12187225171515R1 BFD
ElsinoreSUI12218425151925R1 DNC, R4 DNF
VisionKC322842592525R1 BFD, R3 R4 DNC
EditH3238625212218R1 BFD
SphinxFIN 4249325251825R1 R2 DNC, R4 DNF
Eight Metre World Cup Tune Up 2022 Geneve, Switzerland

2022 Provisional

SNG racing programme:

  • 5 June: Genève-Rolle-Genève
    • (organised by YCG, 8mR welcome ! )
  • 11-12 June: Bol d’Or 2022
    • (8mR welcome ! )
  • 18-24 July: SNG 150th Jubilee Regatta
    • (8mR welcome !)
  • 23-24 July 8mR Worlds tune-up race

2022 Organizing Committee

    • Jean-Olivier Kerr
      • President
    • René Grept
      • President of Sailing section at SNG
    • Axel Meyer
      • SNG Vice-Commodore
    • Fred Meyer
    • Véronique Lévêque
    • Marie Arnulf
    • René Odier

Notice of Race

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Entry List Geneva 2022

numberBoat nameSail noDevisionSkipper
1Yquem IISUI 2ModernJean Fabre
2FrøyaZ 9SiraRoel van Merkensteyn
4IfNOR 27SiraTom Knutsen
5Jacques EduardSUI 10SiraLaurent Schenk
6LunaFIN 17SiraHarri Roschier
6PandoraK 35SiraWerner Deuring
7SiraNOR 33SiraHRH King Harald V
8Sposa IIGER 5SiraJosef Martin
9Starling BurgessGER 16SiraEckhard Kaller
10SphinxFIN 4SiraAntti Toukolehto
3Germania IIIGER 9NeptuneBernhard Kolbe
11Anne SophieGER 15NeptuneDr Hanns Georg Klein
12BeraAUT 12NeptuneRaphael Rüdisser
13BonaITA 16NeptuneNava Tiziano
14Carron IISUI 3NeptuneAngelo Mazzarella
15Catina VISUI 1NeptuneAxel Meyer
16ElsinoreSUI 12NeptunePhilippe Durr
17FalconK 20NeptuneJan Willem Ypma
18GlanaSUI 4NeptuneChristian Wahl
19HelenK 33NeptuneChristopher Courage
20SaskiaK 26NeptuneMurdoch McKillop
21VisionKC 3NeptunePaolo Manzoni
23ApacheSH 25First RulerOlivier Baiwir
24EditH 3First RulerWilhelm Wagner
25Elfe IIH 9First RulerAndi Lochbrunner
26TaifunH 14First RulerSerge Patry
Société Nautique de Genève
Entry List for the 2022 Geneva 8 mR World Cup

Wind averages Geneva

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The alignment has started at Geneva 2022 8mr Worldcup
Regatta Details
Year 2022
Number of entries 24
Average wind speed 10
Number of races 9
Date 25-7-2022 / 30-7-2022
Hosting Yacht Club
Website Société Nautique de Genève

Here we need a photo gallery of the event