In May 1908 Major Heckstall Smith, secretary of the IYRU wrote: “The rules of yacht racing are now the same in all the countries of Europe.  A few years ago a state of hopeless chaos reigned everywhere.  Different systems of measurement and classification and different codes of sailing rules prevailed, and the average yachtsman was quite unable to master them all.  If he was accustomed to race in England he was very much at sea when he visited Germany, and, similarly, he was apt to find himself high and dry on the coast of France. It was very disheartening, and the situation discouraged not a few from attempting to race beyond their own waters.

Yachts of all vintage start and race together during the World Championships. This poses a challenge to the scoring as the design of the yachts covers a period of almost 100 years and 3 consecutive rating rules. Although the International Rule provided room for naval architects to develop their ideas, the framework in which this could be done was and is tight meaning that the performance difference is small enough to provide interesting racing between yachts of the different design periods, yet it is too significant not to provide additional trophies for the different age groups. 

The Deeds of Gift

All yachts, regardless of age and rig, start & finish together on the same course and are scored together for the 8-Metre World Cup. Based on vintage of the yachts and their rigs, four additional trophies are awarded. Here you can read in detail according to what rules (the Deeds of Gift) these Cups are awarded.

For anything to be successful, you need people who can sprinkle a little fairy dust and with that, fire up enthusiasm. Some people tell stories and know the history, other people love yachts and are looking for friends to race them and are helping others to make this possible. Some may have a profession and with that, they can envision, design and build an object of desire and dreams

Pictures speak louder then words. However, sometimes you want bed time reading, and sometimes you want to dream away to pictures of beautiful yachts battling it out. The 8mR class has never been short on amazing photographers which attended the events. The pictures these photographers have taken, inspired many and helped many people dream about what it would be like to own, race or cruise an 8mR Yacht.

All events cost money. But the 8mR class has had an impressive line of past sponsors. Some were sponsors for one year, others sponsored a series of events or multiple years. However, we wish to thank all our past and future sponsors for recognizing world class in our owners, yachts and events and for their support to help grow this class through the years.

  • Coupe Cartier
  • Mackenzie
  • Robbe & Berking
  • Rolex Watches
  • Chopard
  • Rothschild
  • Nordea Private Banking
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