Yachts of all vintage start and race together during the World Championships. This poses a challenge to the scoring as the design of the yachts covers a period of almost 100 years and 3 consecutive rating rules. Although the International Rule provided room for naval architects to develop their ideas, the framework in which this could be done was and is tight meaning that the performance difference is small enough to provide interesting racing between yachts of the different design periods, yet it is too significant not to provide additional trophies for the different age groups. 

the 8mR World Cup

Right after the second world war, all available money was spent on rebuilding Europe and the big & heavy 8-Metres class yachts became a horrendously expensive boat to build. New generation boats, lighter and with proportionally smaller sail areas emerged in this post war era. Somehow the 8 mR yachts survived, not that any  new boats were built but the old ones proved amazing for club racing. In Scotland a large fleet was actively raced on the Clyde and of course the Scandinavians, French and the Lake Ontario fleets remained active racing, although most of them ran on a [...]

Copa d’Italia

Prize for the best performing European 8mR The Coppa d' Italia is an Italian national treasure, and was made in 1898. The Coppa d' Italia is owned by Yachtclub Italiano was donated to the 8mR class in 1908 by His Majesty King Umberto of Italy. All yachts with a valid measurement certificate are elligible for this cup.

the Sira Cup

Since 1983, every year the classic International Eight Metre yachts race for what is by far the most prestigious Trophy in their class. Very few in the class know the story and the deed of gift of the Sira Cup.  I hope that we will be able to continue to race for decades to come in the true spirit of our wonderful Eight Metre Class in and at all time the SIRA Cup will be granted to the winning yacht respecting the wishes of the late King of Norway Olav V and the late Erik Anker, son of the great [...]

Neptune Trophy

The Neptune trophy was presented to the Royal Northern Yacht Club on the 21st of June 1890 by James Coats jun. as a trophy for the large handicap yachts during Clyde Week. The heavily embossed sterling silver trophy was first engraved "Royal Northern Yacht Club Corinthian Regatta 21 June 1890" and won by "May" owned by W.J. Chrystal. After World War II the trophy was known as the 8-Metre Points Trophy, raced for at the Royal Northern Regatta during Clyde Week.

the Generations Cup

The Generation Cup will be awarded to the yacht with the best overall score based on the high point system in the respective classes Modern, Sira, Neptune or First rule. The Generations Cup is donated by 8mR yacht Frøya and presented by Yacht Club Langenargen and the Lake Of Constance Eight Metre Association. The Generation Cups a Silver bowl made by Bonura & Cusimano. from Palermo, Italy in 1960.

the Canada’s Cup

When Canvas was King – by Robert B. Townsend A History of the Canada’s Cup A match having been arranged in the winter of 1895-96 between the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and the Lincoln Park Yacht Club, Chicago, for a race between top-notch cutters, a syndicate was formed by Canadian yachtsmen – Aemilius Jarvis, George Gooderham, George H. Gooderham, : S.F. McKinnon and F.. Phillips, all of Toronto and James Ross of Montreal – to provide the Canadian candidate. These amateurs spent $6,000 and their valuable time in getting the boat, and seven other amateurs – eight, including Jarvis, [...]

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