To Strengthen the Eight Metre Class

We believe we should use the power of the locations were the class is already strong and active therefore we redefine Fleets not as a location with some eight metres but as the locations were there are enough Eight Metre Class Yachts for local class races during the season.

These are very strong locations for the 8 Metre Class, since owners and new owners could decide to keep their 8 Metre Yacht in a Fleet location in order to have much more opportunities to race then the annual World Cup Regattas.

We need to focus on these locations and promote them by giving more information about these fleets, the local 8 metre yachts and the amount of average local class races a year. and also give information about any bigger regattas at these FLEET locations with a separate 8 metre class start lines and or cups.

We also suggest to make a plan for the calendar of the annual Eight Metre World Cup Regattas in order to support the local fleets better. For example, two consecutive World Cups in the south parts of Europe could be held in September and June, in that way the local fleet eights of the north could race both of their local seasons, keep the boat down south over the winter and skip one full return transport trip with eight. then if we do another North America tour also lets do 2 years and then again September and June. then all the European Eights that want to make the trip across, can do so without loss of local race seasons and be more economical on transport cost and time in the process. And this is without doubt the same for all the North American Eights..

There fore it would be great to have a liaison officer to help with the planing for the annual World Cup and also to check out calendar planning with our friends of the International 12Metre Association – ITMA and the International 6 Metre Association – ISMA.

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