Pictures speak louder then words. However, sometimes you want bed time reading, and sometimes you want to dream away to pictures of beautiful yachts battling it out. The 8mR class has never been short on amazing photographers which attended the events. The pictures these photographers have taken, inspired many and helped many people dream about what it would be like to own, race or cruise an 8mR Yacht.

James Robinson Taylor

Sailing before he could walk, as captain of the sailing team he received his degree in political science from the University of Oregon. Professional photography began in 1985, and after three years with the Italian Ministry of Culture he started off on his own in 1989. From then he has given body and soul to (sailing) imagery. Father of twin [...]

Paul Weyth

My interest in photography started whilst studying for a design degree. Never content sat a desk for long, my design career morphed into more outdoor pursuits. Living on the Isle of Wight, I have always been on or in the sea. After spending a period in the marine industry, the passion for photography led me to reach again for the [...]

Stefan Ottjes

Stefan is Phootgrapher and owner of SEALENS SEALENS is an international photo agency and production company based in Kiel and Berlin/Germany. The photo stock is focused on maritime images with a powerful emotional impact through high quality visual art. With a team of international photographers SEALENS offers an archive of over 40.000 high class images

James Robinson Taylor: though his name sounds English, He is Italian. And like all Italians, James is full of passion for esthetics.

Tobias Stoerkle is a young and promising photographer. His keen eye usually gets him an unusual angle and fresh perspective

Stefan Ottjes is a German photographer, with a great love for the class and it’s yachts. He has a very big collection of all yachts through the years

John Green is based in Cowes and after a career of building masts, started taking pictures of yachts from the cowes greens. A great enthusiast for anything sailing new and old.

Rick Tomlinson:

Gilles martin raget:

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