For anything to be successful, you need people who can sprinkle a little fairy dust and with that, fire up enthusiasm. Some people tell stories and know the history, other people love yachts and are looking for friends to race them and are helping others to make this possible. Some may have a profession and with that, they can envision, design and build an object of desire and dreams

These people all have great stories, and make no mistake, these are the people and stories that create the uniqueness of this class. The enthusiasm and historical background these people create, is giving color to black and white pictures. Suddenly, these are not just pretty boats racing. These stories provide the glue which makes the 8mR class what it is today. Stories need to be remembered, shared and told often. Therefore, we aim to give the people who share our passion for sailing on the 8mR yachts, and contribute to it with their craftsmanship and passion.

Honorary Life Members

The highest award for an individual’s contribution to the class is Honorary Life Membership. Honorary Membership may be awarded through election by the International Eight Metre Association’s General Assembly  to individuals that it may deem worthy of this highest recognition.

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