For anything to be successful, you need people who can sprinkle a little fairy dust and with that, fire up enthusiasm. Some people tell stories and know the history, other people love yachts and are looking for friends to race them and are helping others to make this possible. Some may have a profession and with that, they can envision, design and build an object of desire and dreams

These people all have great stories, and make no mistake, these are the people and stories that create the uniqueness of this class. The enthusiasm and historical background these people create, is giving color to black and white pictures. Suddenly, these are not just pretty boats racing. These stories provide the glue which makes the 8mR class what it is today. Stories need to be remembered, shared and told often. Therefore, we aim to give the people who share our passion for sailing on the 8mR yachts, and contribute to it with their craftsmanship and passion.

Honorary Life Members

The highest award for an individual’s contribution to the class is Honorary Life Membership. Honorary Membership may be awarded through election by the International Eight Metre Association’s General Assembly  to individuals that it may deem worthy of this highest recognition.

His Majesty King Harald of Norway

Our honorary president is unquestionably the most experienced Int. 8-Metre sailor in the world. Eighty years ago, back in 1939, his father King Olaf first took him on board his Int. 8-Metre Sira and so started a life time of deep passion for sailing and the sea. King Harald is a highly accomplished and competitive sailor who competed in three Olympic games (Int,. 5.5 in 1964 and 1968 and Soling in 1972). He won the One Ton Cup twice and won the Sira Cup during the 8-Metre Worlds in 2007. He has raced string of custom design IOR and IMS [...]

His Majesty The King of Norway Olav V

In recognition to his outstanding contributions to yacht racing and his participation in the 8-Metre Competitions over a period extending 45 years, the 1982 General Assembly of the International Eight Metre Association unanimously elected His Majesty King Olav V of Norway as honorary life member of this association. H.M. King Olav passed away on January 17th, 1991.

Eugene van Voorhis

Elected Rochester 1999 In recognition of his outstanding contributions tot h International 8-Metre Class over a period  extending 40 years the 1999 General Assembly of the International Eight Metre Association unanimously elected Eugene van Voorhis as honory life member of this association.   Some highlights of Eugene’s life with the Eights 1967: Building of Iroquois, the worlds first modern 8-Metre, as a challenger for the Canada’s Cup. 1970: Founding the 8-Metre World Cup and donating this Trophy to the Royal Northern Yacht Club in Rhu, Scotland. Shipping his 8-Metre Iskareen to Scontland to compete in the inaugural 8-Mette World Cup. [...]

Karl Johan Hertell

Karl Johan (Joni) Hertell Elected Helsinki 2002 In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the International 8-Metre Class over a period extending 30 years, the 2002 General Assembly of the International Eight Metre Association unanimously elected Karl-Johan Hertell as honory life member of this association. Karl Johan (Joni) Hertell served as president and executive secretary of IEMA for 11 consecutive years and continuously served on the board of IEMA for 21 years. With strong leadership and vision, Joni has been at the roots of the revival of the class as we see it today. Some highlights of Joni's life with [...]

Gaston Schmalz

In recognition of his outstanding commitment and contributions to the International 8-Metre Class, over a period extending 40 years, the 2005 General Assembly of the International Eight Metre Association unanimously elected Gaston Schmalz as honory life member of this association.For almost 50 years Gaston has been sailing his beloved 8-Metre France from the port of Cannes. In 1983, with his Gaulois, he initiated a series of 5 modern 8-Metres designed by Jacques Fauroux. He campaigned his yachts on both sides of the Atlantic. Gaulois participated in 7 World Cups, including the 1985 World Cup in Rochester. With France he participated [...]

John Lammerts van Bueren

John started the Int. 8-Metre Register back in 1993, collecting information and possible whereabouts of any and all 8-Metres in the world. This register developed to a listing of some 500 Eight built, locating over 200 of them around the world.In 1996 he was elected executive secretary and in that position he was able to help connect owners and encouraging them to bring their boats back to racing condition. Since that time more than 80 boats have been restored and some 20 have been built new, both modern and classics. Technical and Rule work was his passion, helping owners and yards [...]

Ced Gyles

Ced has been and, undoubtedly still is the driving force behind the Lake Ontario Fleet. He entered the class back in 1953 with the Fife 8-Metre Concerto and 56 years on he is still highly active racing his Norseman and remains committed with heart and soul to the class. He has introduced countless sailors to our class, young and old and has been discretely backing several syndicates allowing the next generation to join the class. The list of his contributions and achievements in service of the class and the North American fleet goes on and on. Ced has been instrumental [...]

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer served as president of IEMA from 1998 until 2013. He came on board a class which was near broke with a handful members and under his leadership and tireless enthusiasm he turned IEMA around to an association with 200 member boats around the world. Long term sponsorship agreements were reached with the house of Cartier and later Chopard. Championship participation broke all records. With Fred at the tiller the Class saw the first 3 class registered published and through his drive and vision the class was prepared for the 21st century. Through it all he found the time [...]

Terrence Brownrigg

Terence Brownrigg is a Scotsman in heart and soul, a former Commodore of the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, member of the Mudhook Yacht Club, a member of the IEMA executive committee and a highly valued International Juror at countless events around the world. No Class appreciates Terrence as much as the International Eight Metre Class and based on his record attendance, we dare say the feeling is mutual. Terrence competed in the first edition of the 8-Metre World Cup on the Clyde in 1970 and over the following 44 years he has attended to all other 8-Metre Championships [...]

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