Deeds of Gift


All yachts, regardless of age and rig, start & finish together on the same course and are scored together for the 8-Metre World Cup. Based on vintage of the yachts and their rigs, four additional trophies are awarded. These Cups are awarded according to the deeds of gift of each cup. here you can read in detail these Deeds of Gift.

The Modern yachts:                 All yachts race for the 8-Metre World Cup. This trophy is owned by the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club and was donated in 1970 by Eugene van Voorhis of the Rochester Yacht Club. The fastest European boat in the overall score wins the Coppa d’Italia, donated in 1898 by His Majesty King Umberto of Italy

The Classic Yachts:                Yachts built prior to 1960 race for the Sira Cup, donated in 1983 by His Majesty King Olav of Norway.

The Vintage Yachts:              The vintage yachts are a sub division of the Classic yachts. They race for the Neptune Trophy donated in 2005 by the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club. The yachts need to adhere to an additional set of rules defining the authenticity that secures an appearance of bygone days.

The Gaff Yachts:                    Yachts built between 1907 and 1919 race for the first rule Trophy, donated by the Lindauer Segler-Club of Lake Constance.

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