Luna is a classic 8mR boat built according to 1930 drawings by Charles E. Nicholson. The sister ships “Vision”, “Cutty Tou” and “Suzette” were completed in 1930 at the Camper & Nicholson shipyard in Gosport, England.

The consortium Harri Roschier, Jyri Kuivalainen and Markus Roschier ordered Luna from the David Vieira shipyard in the autumn of 2010. The boat was first launched in March 2012. The Luna has been built using traditional methods and mainly according to the original drawings. The rigging and sails are modern, so it is a so-called Sira-vene. A lot of photos and other material from the construction phase can be found on the team’s website

In the spring of 2016, Jyri Kuivalainen relinquished his ownership and Harri Roschier became the main owner of the boat.

Luna in races

Luna has participated in the 2012 World Championships in Cowes, England, 2013 in Helsinki and 2014 in La Trinité, France, and placed second in the Sira class. In the 2015 World Championships in Geneva, the ranking was 4th.

At the 2016 European Championships in Copenhagen, Luna won the European Championship.

In addition, the boat has participated in the Finnish ranking series competitions.

From the beginning, the basic crew has been sailed by Harri Roschier (skipper), Jouni Seppi (mainsail), Hanna Westman (bardunas and spinnugai), Niko Roschier (genus and spinnie cub), Markus Roschier (piano), Jyri Kuivalainen (mast) and Salla Kavén (bow) . In the 2014 season, the mainsail trimmer was Matt Hogdson. In the 2015 season, Kimmo Viljamaa, who has been a deputy in the team in previous seasons, also took the lead, as did Timo Meras.

The crew of the 2016 season is:

Kimmo Viljamaa Bowman
Markus Roschier Pitman
Timo Meras Runner & Spinnaker trimmer
Niko Roschier Genoa & Spinnaker trimmer
A-P Raitisto Mastman
Harri Roschier Skipper
Jouni Seppi Mainsail trimmer

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Boat Details
Boat Name Luna
Sail No FIN-17
Home Port Helsinki Sailing Society
Current Location Helsinki
Designer Charles E. Nicholson
Yard Absolute Restaurations - Portugal
Build Year 2012
Build No
First Owner
First name
First Sail No. FIN-17
First Country Finland