Starling Burgess

8mR GER-16 “Starling Burgess”
Starling Burgess is her name, built and named as a tribute to her 3x America’s Cup winning naval architect. Josef Martin just launched this brand spanking new Int. 8-Metre. She was built to a 1937 design by W. Starling Burgess which had not been built before. Juliane Hempel was responsible for the engineering, the lofting, the task of building her to the 1937 shape. The team at the yard of Josef Martin in Radolfzell was lead by his his son Sven Martin with the task to build what had to be the most amazingly perfectly built new classic Int.8-Metre in modern times.. and they did ! I was lucky to be invited for a sea trial on this beautiful new addition to the Int.8-Metre fleet and I loved every minute, loved the boat, the sailing, the laughter and friendship. Of course the one and only James Robinson Taylorcame over for a 2 day photoshoot, here is the first teaser from his camera, much more to come and I promise you the images will blow you away.
Cheers !

Boat Details
Boat Name Starling Burgess
Sail No
Home Port
Current Location
Designer Starling Burgess
Build Year 2021
Build No
First Owner
First name Starling Burgess
First Sail No.
First Country