Langenargen 2018

Langenargen on Lake Constance hosted the 2018 World Cup with 23 yachts competing. the world cup Lake Constance is home of the biggest collected fleet of First Rule 8mR yachts anywhere, and this World Cup showed a field of 7 first rulers showing their clouds of sails. Lake Constance showed many faces at the World Cup. Lake Constance showed almost all of its faces – from sun to thunderstorm, from calm to fresh breeze during the six race days. Providing a test of shifting gears.

Conquistador (former Hollandia II) from Bregenz, won the World Cup. Sira division was won by Luna, from Finland. Neptune division was won by Carron II from Switzerland, and First rule was won by local boat Elfe. Full results can be found here.

Regatta Details
Year 2018
Number of entries 23
Average wind speed
Number of races
Hosting Yacht Club

2018 Langenargen WorldCup

Boat nameSail #RankResultsnet resultsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Remarks
ConquistadorAUT 2711412121212122
Yquem IISUI 221713314131211
LunaFIN 1733730243454447
WyvernGER 844537652547853
SiraNOR 33562387324383536OCS R3
Sposa IIGER 567854482410261275OCS R3
Caron IISUI 37835957524245364RET R4, DNS R5
Catina VISUI 186960966868989
Germania IIIGER 99947681011610961618
SaskiaK 26109984151114771271511
FroyaZ 91111086129713112411914UFD R6
Anne SophieGER 1512107901117812131014148
BeraAUT 12131049013131014911101113
HelenK 3314115911012991624151010UFD R6
AyanaGER 615125107171413111413131812
Elfe IIH 916137118141612151714171319
TaifunH 1417153133201517181217182016
Lucky GirlH 118157136191918201518211215
EditH 319156137161815191916191717
Emily 08BRA 120170146182016172015162424DNS R8, DNS R9
Bayern IIH 621181159222120211820201920
AsagaoH 122194170232221162119242424DNS R7,8,9
SilhouetteH 823208184212419242424242424DNF R2, DNS R4,5,6,7,8,9
Langenargen World Cup, Germany
2018 Langenargen World Cup Overall results

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