Helsinki 2002

One of the biggest fleets in the recent history of the eight metre class. lets take an example to this year and hope we will have forty 8 mR yachts at the startling in the new future.



Scotland 1970, it’s raining cats and dogs, a flying gale
sweeps the waves up the lawn of the Royal Northern Yacht
Club. An American 8-Metre sailor named Eugene van
Voorhis decided this was the ideal venue for an 8-Metre
race and inspired by a good bottle of Malt, five Scotsmen
bought the idea and pretentiously named the series “The
8-Metre World Cup”. Eugene bought an appropriate tro-
phy at Tiffany’s and so it happened that six 8-Metres inau-
gurated a tradition which 32 years on inspired an unprec-
edented 40 Eights to race in Helsinki.

The International Eight Metre Association granted the
Finnish Eight Metre Association and the NJK the World
Cup Races in 1978, 1983 and 1993. In these World Cup
Regattas it is appropriate to say that most of the participants represented, on the one hand the USA and Canada and
on the other hand the Nordic countries, with an occasional participant from continental Europe. Therefore it was with
great pleasure that the Scandinavians noticed a fast growing interest in many new and old 8-Metre boats on the
Continent during the 1990’s. These Eights have mostly been built or restored to a remarkable standard. Thus it was
only natural that some of the recent World Cup Races were arranged in Holland, France, Switzerland and Italy.

However, some four years ago the Finnish and Swedish 8-Metre sailors began discussing the prospects of once
again arranging the World Cup in Finland. Our hope was of course that some of the continental and North American
Eights would participate. In 2000 we officially submitted our application with the NJK (again) as the Organising Yacht
Club. Subsequently we set up an Organising Committee working closely with the I.E.M.A. and the NJK. Our thanks go
to all these many persons who voluntarily have used their spare time contributing towards the arrangements of this
World Cup. We would also like to thank the HSS for arranging the tune up-races, the Open Finnish Championships”.
We also thank our many sponsors and co-operation partners, including Cartier, who brought the beautiful Coupe
Cartier up north. Our gratitude also goes to Suunto, who will introduce their revolutionary new sailing instrument, the
M9, on all the participating Eights.

The Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK) has been a stronghold of the 8-Metre Class ever since its start in 1907. One of
those very early boats was “Edit”, commissioned by NJK’s Gösta Cederberg and built at the famous Åbo Båtvarv in
1911. Who would have thought she would be back at the NJK 91 years on? Who would have thought a fleet of 40
Eights from 12 countries and 2 continents would ever gather? Therefore it is difficult with words to express our
gratitude and appreciation to all boat owners, crews, supporting friends and families who have taken their Eights and
travelled the distance to Helsinki.

You all have shown the strength of our class! May we wish everyone a warm welcome, fair races and lots of fun.

Robbie Lindberg
President FEMA

Fred Meyer
President IEMA

John Lammerts van Bueren
Executive secretary IEMA

Regatta Details
Year 2002
Number of entries 39
Average wind speed
Number of races 6
Hosting Yacht Club
Website Nyland Yacht Club


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