Hankø 2017

The 2017 World Cup was held in Hankø, Norway and was a birthday present from IEMA’s honorary president; H.R.M. King Harald. The regatta was sailed just outside the Oslo fjord against a backdrop of the “Norge” waiting at the entrance of the fjord greeting sailors going in and out to the racecourse. The fleet consisted of 28 team from 9 nations on 3 continents.

The first days started with a stiff breeze, but the spectacle was saved for the last day. There is an epic movie of Wanda dancing downwind, James Taylor shot the million euro shot of Saskia flying off a wave and off course it provided for drama with 2 broken masts, including the mast of Sira.

The World Cup was won by Miss U, Sira was won by Pandora, Neptune was won by Carron II and Elfe won the first rule. Full results can be found scorlind down.

Regatta Details
Year 2017
Number of entries 28
Average wind speed
Number of races 9
Date August 2017
Hosting Yacht Club
Website The Royal Norway Yacht Club


Here we need a photo gallery of the event