Cowes 2019

The 2019 Eight Metre World Championship hosted by the Royal Yacht Squadron was a splendid event and only seven years since the last time the Eight Metre Class was invited by the RYS in 2012. After a week of races at the Panarai Britisch Race week for classic yachts. The Eight Metre World Cup was held in very good conditions and tremendous socials.

Regatta Details
Year 2019
Number of entries 15
Average wind speed
Number of races
Hosting Yacht Club

2019 Cowes WorldCup

Boat nameSail #RankResultsnet resultsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Remarks
Yquem IISUI 2197121112111
ConquistadorAUT 27721310212321222
Miss UGBR 007333171633233333RET R1
WandaN 3843125544464445
IfNOR 2753830458555657
Carron IISUI 364133375846896
FalconK 20748.639.667.37.36895104RDG ,5 R2&R3
SaskiaK 26851411066778768
Anne SophieGER 15973579121610107979DSQ R3
HelenK 33106957119791211101310
FroyaZ 91182668101616111011811RET R3, DNC R4
AthenaK 3612786513111011912121212
EricaGBR 381384681289161313131116DNC R4, BFD R9
Njord of CowesK 13149278141311121414141413
CarronK 2151038771616161616161616RET R2, DNC R3-9
Cowes World Cup, Isle of Wight, UK
2019 Cowes World Cup overall results

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