Terrence Brownrigg

Elected 2014

Terence Brownrigg is a Scotsman in heart and soul, a former Commodore of the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, member of the Mudhook Yacht Club, a member of the IEMA executive committee and a highly valued International Juror at countless events around the world. No Class appreciates Terrence as much as the International Eight Metre Class and based on his record attendance, we dare say the feeling is mutual.

Terrence competed in the first edition of the 8-Metre World Cup on the Clyde in 1970 and over the following 44 years he has attended to all other 8-Metre Championships as member, or as chairman of the International Jury, the only two exceptions being the events held during his circumnavigation of the world.

Through his presence, his in-depth knowledge of the class, his personal knowledge of the IEMA membership and most of all, his wisdom, he recognized and acted upon every little spark of potential friction and has so put out more fires than any other person within our class. Terence is without question the quintessential peace keeper in our class and we are forever in debt for his services and ongoing commitment to the class. In recognition to all he has done for our class Terence was elected an honorary life member.