Karl Johan Hertell

Elected 2002

Karl Johan (Joni) Hertell

Elected Helsinki 2002

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the International 8-Metre Class over a period extending 30 years, the 2002 General Assembly of the International Eight Metre Association unanimously elected Karl-Johan Hertell as honory life member of this association.

Karl Johan (Joni) Hertell served as president and executive secretary of IEMA for 11 consecutive years and continuously served on the board of IEMA for 21 years. With strong leadership and vision, Joni has been at the roots of the revival of the class as we see it today.

Some highlights of Joni’s life with the Eights

1972: Entering the 8-Metre Class with Silja.

1975: Winner 8-Metre World Cup

1978: Founding member of the International Eight Metre Association

1978-1983: First president and executive secretary of IEMA

1982: 8-Metre Class applies for International status under presidency of Joni Hertell.

1984-1986: Vice President IEMA

1986: Acquires the 8-Metre Iroquois with the Sex Grubbar Syndicate

1987: Executive secretary IEMA

1987-1989: President IEMA

1990-1991: Vice President IEMA

1992-1993: President IEMA

World Cup: Joni has participated in the 8-Metre World Cup in 1975-1978-1982-1983-1985-1986-1987-1988-1989-1992-1993-1995 and 2002.

2018 Joni Hertell, the co-founder of IEMA, was presented with a half-model of Iroquois, which used to hang on the walls of Southampton office of ISAF (now World Sailing).