John Lammerts van Bueren

Elected 2010

John started the Int. 8-Metre Register back in 1993, collecting information and possible whereabouts of any and all 8-Metres in the world. This register developed to a listing of some 500 Eight built, locating over 200 of them around the world.

In 1996 he was elected executive secretary and in that position he was able to help connect owners and encouraging them to bring their boats back to racing condition. Since that time more than 80 boats have been restored and some 20 have been built new, both modern and classics. Technical and Rule work was his passion, helping owners and yards was what made him tick.

He started his 8-Metre racing as crew on Ilderim but soon was asked to join teams on modern Eights such as Gefion, Lafayette and Hollandia, as their bowman he won 5 World Championships. John followed Fred Meyer as IEMA president for 3 terms and is currently the chairman of the IEMA TC.