Here we will inform you about all the Entries and preliminary interest shown by 8mR yachts,

about 20 teams have shown serious interest and this is the list of entries as of april 12th

Royal Netherlands Yacht Club
Entry List for the 2021 Enkhuizen World Cup
 Boat NameSail numberDivision
1Miss UGBR 007Modern
2Yquem 2SUI-2Modern
3Varg IIIN24
4Carron 2SUI 3Neptune
5Catina VISUI 1Neptune
7FalconK 20Neptune
8PandoraK 35Sira
9IfNOR 27Sira
10SaskiaK 26Neptune
11Starling BurgessGER 16Sira
12Njord of CowesN 13First Rule

Interest shown by:

Germania III – Conquistador -AUT, Carron – NOR, LUNA – FIN, SPHINX – FIN, SIRA – NOR, ANNE SOPHIE – GER, HELEN – UK

we will regurlay update the list and are positive in organising a great event with beautiful sailing and hopefully a full social event