Deed of gift 8mR World Cup

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Deed of gift 8mR World Cup


Deed of Gift for the 8 metre class World Cup

  1. RULES
    1. The Cup, originally donated by Eugene van Vooris to the Royal Northern Yacht Club (now the
      Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club) and the property of the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht
      Club, shall be known as the 8 Metre World Cup.
    2. The Cup is a Challenge Cup and shall be competed for from time to time as is seen fit and
      practical by the International Eight Metre Association – IEMA.
    3. The Cup shall be competed for in rotation from nation to nation where there exists an 8 Metre
    4. A Fleet wishing to host the Championship shall make a request for permission to do so to
    5. The location and date of a Championship shall be announced at least eight months in
    6. Entries shall be open to all yachts of the International 8 Metre Class of all nations having a
      valid certificate of rating. At the discretion of the Organising Authority or its nominees, yachts which do not measure to
      their last valid certificate but which have not undergone hull modification or ballast changes
      may be allowed to enter in order not to exclude older yachts suffering from hull deformation or
      water retention.
    7. All participants shall be paid up members of IEMA.
    8. A Championship shall be valid if the entry is at least eight yachts which, together, represent
      three different countries. To represent a country, an entry must be skippered by a national of
      the country and at least 50% of the crew (skipper included) must also be nationals.
    9. A Championship shall consist of six races and the final result shall be calculated from the five
      best races of each competitor. If weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the control
      of the Organising Authority only allow five races to be sailed, all races shall be counted. A
      maximum of two races may be sailed on any one day. Five races shall be the minimum required to award the Championship and a reserve day shall
      be scheduled for the purpose of completing five races. If fewer than five races are completed, no result shall be declared and the Cup shall be
      retained by the current champion’s Yacht Club – see Rule 17.
    10. The Races shall be governed by the International Yacht Racing Rules, the prescriptions
      thereto of the appropriate National Authority except as varied by these Rules, the Rules of the
      International 8 Metre Class and the Conditions and Sailing Instructions of the Organising
    11. Courses shall be of an Olympic type with, ideally, the full course about sixteen nautical miles
      in length. A course must not be shortened before four legs of the course have been completed.
    12. There shall be a Time Limit for each race of five hours: but the Organising Authority may
      provide for an extension which shall be promulgated in the Sailing Instructions.
    13. In the event of a major windshift after the start of a race the course shall, if possible, be swung
      by the repositioning of any mark(s). The procedure to effect this shall be promulgated in the
      Sailing Instructions.
    14. The Organising Authority shall, when practicable, appoint an International Jury in accordance
      with the International Yacht Racing Rules Appendix “Terms of Reference of an International
      Jury and Conditions for its Decisions to be Final”.
    15. The Cup shall be awarded under the current Olympic Scoring System.
    16. The Draft Sailing Instructions shall be submitted for information beforehand to the Royal
      Northern & Clyde Yacht Club and Organising Authorities should submit their draft sailing
      instructions not later than three months before the Championship.
    17. The Cup shall be held by the current Champion’s Yacht Club which shall be responsible for
      engraving and for insuring and the safe keeping of the Cup while it is in their custody.
    18. Alterations to these Rules shall be made only by the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club after
      consulting with IEMA and the organising authorities of the last three championships.
    19. Should the International 8 Metre Class cease to exist; or should the Competition for the 8
      Metre World Cup lapse for three consecutive years or in the opinion of the Royal Northern &
      Clyde Yacht Club, after consulting with IEMA, cease to be of primary importance, the Cup
      shall be returned to the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club.

Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club


Dunbartonshire G84 8NG


4th September 1990
(1 March 1982)