Copa d’Italia

Name The Coppa d'Italia
Year of Origin 1898
Year Donated
Donated by His Majesty King Umberto of Italy
Owner of the trophy Yacht Club Italiano
Qualifying Yachts All Int. 8-Metres holding a valid measurement certificate
Scoring Only European yachts are scored. Scoring is a separate low score based on the positions from the overall score.

Copa d’Italia

Prize for the best performing European 8mR

The Coppa d’ Italia is an Italian national treasure, and was made in 1898. The Coppa d’ Italia is owned by Yachtclub Italiano was donated to the 8mR class in 1908 by His Majesty King Umberto of Italy.
All yachts with a valid measurement certificate are elligible for this cup.

Coppa 'd Italia Cup winners 1909 - 2020

YearLocationYacht NameYacht ClubDesignDesign YearOwner (s)NationalityCrew Members
1909ItalyPonchetteYacht Club ItalianoJoseph GuédonN.A.Paul ChauchardFrance
1910FranceOndinaNiceCostagutaN.A.G. Franco TosiItaly
1912ItalySirdhanaYacht Club San RemoCostaguta1911C. Coneli de ProsperiItaly
1925ItalyChetaYacht Club ItalianoFrancisco Giovanelli1924Francisco GiovanelliItaly
1926ItalyCatina IVYacht Club ItalianoVinzenzo Baglietto1925Enrico PozzaniItaly
1927ItalyHollandiaYacht Club ItalianoG. de Vries-Lentsch1927Doedes & de WitThe Netherlands
1928HollandAile VIRoyal Dutch Yacht ClubPierre Arbaut1928Virginie HériotFrance
1930FrancceBambaLe Havre (YCF)Francisco Giovanelli1930Francisco GiovanelliItaly
1932ItalyBambaYacht Club ItalianoFrancisco Giovanelli1930Francisco GiovanelliItaly
1935ItalyOriettaYacht Club ItalianoAttilio Costaguta1934Count Guiseppe della GherardescaItaly
1937ItalyBonaYacht Club ItalianoVittoria Baglietto1935HH Eugenio di SavoiaItaly
1938ItalyIlderimYacht Club ItalianoTore Holm1936Marcus Wallenberg jr.Sweden
1939SwedenIlderimRoyal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS)Tore Holm1939Marcus Wallenberg jr.Sweden
1946SwedenWandaRoyal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS)Tore Holm1938Herman NachmansonSweden
1947SwedenWandaRoyal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS)Tore Holm1938Herman NachmansonSweden
1949SwedenWandaRoyal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS)Tore Holm1938Herman NachmansonSweden
1950SwedenVågspelRoyal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS)Birger Slotte1949A.E. NikanderFinland
2000ItalyGefionYacht Club ItalianoEd Dubois1988Benoit de GorskiSwitzerland0
2001FranceYacht Club Marseille
2002FinlandFleur de Lyss0Jacques Fauroux2002Gaston SchmaltzFrance0
2003FranceFleur de LyssSociété Nautique La Trinite-sur-merJacques Fauroux2002Gaston SchmaltzFrance0
2004SwitzerlandLafayette0Jacques Fauroux1986Ruud van Hilst & Jos FruytierThe Netherlands0
2005GermanyHollandiaFlensburg Segel ClubDoug Peterson & Ian Howlettt2005Ruud van Hilst & Jos FruytierThe Netherlands0
2006Germany0Lindauer Segles Club000Switzerland0
2007ScotlandAluetteRoyal Northern & Clyde Yacht ClubJacques Fauroux1998Iris MettenSwitzerland0
2008NorwayAluetteRoyal Norwegian Yacht ClubJacques Fauroux1998Iris MettenSwitzerland0
2009FranceLafayetteInternational Yacht Club HyeresJacques Fauroux1986Murdoch McKillopScotlandAllan Manuel (Helm) - Steve rarity - Matt Whittacer - Billy Russel - Paul Johnston - David Kelly
2010GermanyYquem IIKiel Yacht ClubJacques Fauroux2002Jean FabreSwitzerlandJean Fabre - Manuel Stern (Helm) - Cédric Senften - Pascal Python - Patrick Rellstab - Fabrice Marguerat
2011GermanyHollandiaFlensburg Segler Club00000
2012EnglandLafayetteRoyal Yacht SquadronJacques Fauroux1986Murdoch McKillopScotland0
2015GermanyYquem IIYacht Club KielJacques Fauroux2002Jean FabreSwitzerland0
2016DenmarkLunaRoyal Danish Yacht ClubCharles Nicholson1930Harri RoschierFinlandAwaiting information
2017NorwayMissURoyal Norwegian Yacht ClubJacques Fauroux2014Avia WillmentGreat BritainAwaiting information
2018SwitzerlandConquistadorYacht Club LangenargenDoug Peterson and Ian Howlett2005Werner DeuringAustriaAwaiting information
2019Great BritainYquem IIRoyal Yacht SquadronJacques Fauroux2002Jean FabreSwitzerlandAwaiting information