France Association Métrique Atlantique

The Atlantic Metric Association in a few words
The Atlantic Metric association aims to promote and develop sailing in the metre classes of the International Rule.
It also aims to preserve the historical heritage of sailboats in the metre classes of the International Rule in all its forms (library, photography, restoration, reconstruction, equipment of the international rule sailing ships, etc.).

The teaching, practice and encouragement of pleasure boating and all related activities, in particular the organization, or assistance in the organization and promotion of sporting events.
Organization and management of the “Metric Challenge Atlantique“, an annual regatta circuit for metre class sailboats.
The principle is to offer classes, owners and skippers, a regular regatta calendar allowing to regroup and assemble a maximum of sailboats of international metre class, to promote the renewal of this class, the restoration or simply the rearmament of a large number. units that sail little or are ashore in shipyards, particularly on the Atlantic coast.

Yacht Clubs that are associated with the Atlantic metre class association can be found following this link