October 2022 – Ibis was just brought to Fredrikstad she will be joining the Oslo Fjord Fleetunder sailnumer  NOR-29 ‘IBIS’ the new owner intends to fix her up and add her to the Oslofjord fleet which now will count 7 active boats – only 3 to go before we reach the local goal of minimum of 10 x 8mR in the Oslofjord.
IBIS is a Bjarne Aas 1928 design and built.
More info will follow
Boat Details
Boat Name Ibis
Sail No NOR-29
Home Port Frederikstad
Current Location Norway
Designer Bjarne Aas
Yard Bjarne Aas - Frederikstad
Build Year 1928
Build No
First Owner Manuel de Vicente
First name Ibis II
First Sail No. N 29
First Country Sweden