She was built in Sweden in 1946 by the Danish architect Knud Reimers for the legendary General Guisan and its son.

The son won 3 Bol d’Or (first in 1949). Then various owners and various names (Marie-José II, Titea, Le Tigre).

In total Glana won 8 times the Bol d’Or (last time in 1969) which is the absolute record (the second boat won 3 Bol d’Or).

The Bol d’Or monohull jauge is based on Glana (14.20 m).

There are hundred of amazing stories since 1946 and some will be told in a documentary (Les gens du Glana) that we shall start filming at the coming Cup.

Glana was owned in the 70-90s by the local hero and our dear friend Daniel Metzger. Daniel will be the Glana’s godfather for the coming Cup.

During the last 20 years Glana was owned by 7 good friends including the colorful Jean-Claude Marchand. Many more stories arose during those

years. I am lucky to humbly participate to Glana’s history since last autumn.

Christian Wahl is our skipper for the Cup. Christian and Glana both won the Bol d’Or 8 times (Christian has the record for skippers and won the last edition with majesty)

We hope that he will soon beat the Glana’s record 😊

For the Cup Glana’s spinnaker will bear the logo of our which relates mental health to consciousness.   


Boat Details
Boat Name Glana
Sail No Z-4
Home Port Société Nautique de Genève
Current Location Lake Geneva
Designer Knut H. Reimers
Yard Abrahamson & Börjesson - Båtvarv, Ramsõ
Construction Composite - Steel Frames
Build Year 1946
Build No
First Owner Col. Guisan - St. Sulpice
First name Glana
First Sail No. Z-4
First Country Switzerland